Transportation Policy

IPA conducts research on transportation policy and related planning issues at the local, regional, and national levels.  Studies focus on a wide range of transportation topics, including:

> current transportation projects
> past transportation projects and events

photo montage of transportation/mobilityTransportation influences the economy, environment, community livability, and quality of life of a region.  There is a critical need to ensure sustainability of an integrated, multi-modal transportation network that promotes optimal mobility of people and goods. New transportation strategies are needed to solve mobility problems and strengthen the resiliency of transportation systems.  Such strategies may include options for funding infrastructure improvements and transportation assets, seeking innovative transportation financing mechanisms, integrating land-use planning with transportation, facilitating more efficient freight and passenger movement along the Northeast Corridor, improving performance through technology and advanced systems management, and establishing public-private partnerships to enhance multi-modal transit options.

As the Philadelphia metropolitan area and the surrounding region grow, increased pressure is placed on transportation corridors and modes to meet capacity and mobility needs. In order to address this demand, it is essential that policy-makers and government officials understand the impact of shifts in transportation funding and the opportunities presented by innovative technologies. Greater awareness of issues, sharing of information and perspectives, and coordinated strategies are needed to build a foundation for multi-modal transportation policy and planning options.

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