Undergraduate Public Administration Fellows

undergrads conducting research on cutting-edge public policy issues

Whether studying best practices for green-building policies or researching community-based strategies that towns and cities may employ to give residents convenient, safe, everyday opportunities for physical activity, IPA’s undergraduate Public Administration Fellows are helping to build knowledge and educate others on critical issues that will make a difference in the lives of citizens in Delaware and across the globe.

Selected through a competitive application process, Fellows work with IPA’s faculty and staff members on universal issues such as land use, water resources, education, transportation, and healthcare policy. Fellows typically work ten hours each week, earning an hourly wage.

Program Manager Lisa Moreland says, “Through their research, undergraduate Public Administration Fellows see first-hand how innovative ideas can be realized and contribute to the process.”

Students with backgrounds in political science, economics, geography, environmental issues, engineering, public administration, business administration, leadership, sociology, history, or education will find the Public Administration Fellows experience particularly relevant to their long-range professional goals. For more information or to apply, please contact Lisa Moreland (32-831-4955).