Instructions for Viewing/Downloading PDFs

Get Acrobat ReaderIPA's site contains links to several files in Portable Document Format (PDF). These files are universally readable on any platform but require a software utility called Adobe Reader, available FREE from Adobe. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your local drive, download it now by clicking on the "Get Adobe Reader" icon at the upper right.

Some IPA links go to PDF files of varying size and are identified as PDFs, with file size indicated in most cases. Remember that the time it takes to view/download a PDF generally correlates with file size. You may either view a file within your browser (if your browser is already configured with the Acrobat Reader plug-in) or save a file to your hard drive. Saving a larger file to your hard drive might be the better option, particularly if you do not have a fast Internet connection. To save a file to your hard drive, click on the link with the right mouse button (PC) and choose the "Save Link As" option. Then simply open the file from your hard drive.

This is not an endorsement of Adobe's product, and neither IPA nor the University of Delaware is responsible for its use.