Successful Transitions Initiative

Working Toward a Comprehensive Service-Delivery System for Delaware Youth Aging Out of Foster Care, a cooperative project of the Policy Consensus Initiative

collage of reprentative images of transitioning personsWhile some young people are lucky enough to have an on-going relationship with a foster family or have the wherewithal to find adult services on their own, approximately two-thirds of youth aging out need at least some transitional support after they turn 18.

Under the general direction of former Delaware Gov. Ruth Ann Minner, co-chair of the Policy Consensus Initiative (PCI) along with former Wyoming Gov. James Geringer, the aim of the Successful Transitions Initiative (STI) was to address these needs within the state of Delaware.

Minner sought support from PCI for designing and managing a collaborative process in Delaware in which the major public agencies serving youth, elected leaders, nonprofit service providers, housing agencies and developers, educational institutions, philanthropies, faith organizations, and civic activists would come together to create a seamless set of services designed to assist young people aging out of the foster-care system to successfully transition to adulthood.

To that end, STI aimed to…

  • obtain commitments from public, private and civic sources to ensure that every young person aging out of foster care who needs transitional services will have adequate housing, educational opportunities, transportation, life-skills support, and job training.
  • create opportunities whereby young people aging out of the Delaware foster-care system can connect to employers and the adult social-service system, including the adult Medicaid system.
  • help create civic and collaborative capacity within Delaware, providing a mechanism for meaningful, purpose-driven collaboration around issues that will emerge in the future.
  • create a national model for other states facing similar problems as their youth age out of foster care.

IPA functioned as the STI project facilitator/manager. Its project responsibilities:

  • Work with PCI staff to implement a solutions-type process.
  • Schedule meetings and work with PCI staff to draft agendas, craft process, etc.
  • Keep process moving and team focused on outcomes.
  • Facilitate meetings (occasionally in tandem with PCI staff).
  • Ensure that meeting notes are kept and timely sent to the team.
  • Staff essential workgroups on an as-needed basis.
  • Work with PCI staff to draft the Declaration of Cooperation commemorating commitments of the team.

> Successful Transitions Initiative / Delaware Youth Opportunities Initiative Final Report (9.4MB) PDF icon
> Delaware Environmental Scan: Delaware Youth Opportunities Initiative (7.7MB) PDF icon

For more information, contact James Flynn at 302-831-4658.