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Local governments are increasingly asked to do more, often with fewer resources. Local officials are frequently called upon to understand and make decisions on highly complex issues with grave implications for their jurisdictions. Today’s elected and appointed leaders must be well versed in everything from personnel law and economic development to land-use planning, running effective meetings, and leadership skills. Citizen distrust, accountability mandates, and public apathy complicate an already difficult situation.

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What is the Certificate in Local Government Leadership?

An educational response to the professional needs of Delaware's local officials, this voluntary certificate program will:

  • increase the understanding of local government and how it functions;
  • promote high ethical standards in public service;
  • provide a basis for more informed policy making;
  • enhance the capacity of local officials to govern effectively; and
  • recognize local officials for their voluntary educational efforts through the awarding of appropriate certification.

Upon completion of a total of 24 hours of specifically directed education and training sessions within a two-year period, local officials may submit applications for certification, accompanied by appropriate evidence of attendance, to the Institute for Public Administration. Certificates in Local Government Leadership will be awarded at the regular meetings of the Delaware League of Local Governments.

Topics have included

What does it cost?

No additional cost is associated with the awarding of this certification. Customary registration fees are $50 for participation in most of the individual education and training sessions.

For more information, contact Martin Wollaston (302-831-4930) or Julia O'Hanlon (302-831-6224).