photo of CoriWhat Cori Says About IPA

Take a look at what Cori says about IPA. Then, come and see for yourself and become another of our success stories! Here’s her profile.

undergrad degree: BA, University of Northern Iowa 2005, Public Administration, minor in Family Studies, magna cum laude
graduate concentration: State and Local Management
RA experience area: Comprehensive Planning, Town Management

Q.What attracted you to the University of Delaware? to IPA?

A.I was first drawn to UD by the financial assistance I was offered and the genuine, professional staff I met on my first visit. What convinced me to attend the University [of Delaware] and participate in IPA was the unique experience of combining classwork with my research assistantship. I have been encouraged in and out of the classroom to pursue opportunities that were focused on my future career plans.

Q.What has your experience been like as a UD grad student working at IPA?

A.I can’t say enough positive things about my experience in IPA. I was fortunate to get to work with three organizations as a research assistant: IPA’s Planning Services group, the Delaware Office of State Planning Coordination, and the Borough of Media, Pa. IPA’s relationship with government and nonprofit organizations throughout the area opened doors for internships and other opportunities from which I greatly benefited. I have worked with [professionals who] have challenged me to achieve quality work and have been genuinely interested in my individual development as well.

Q.What opportunities have been available to you as a result of your association with IPA?

A.I have had the opportunity to work on several important projects and have learned about economic development, land-use planning, municipal management, and financial management—among other things—while working through IPA. I have been invited to attend and present at professional conferences, such as the Delaware American Planning Association’s annual conference, and have been encouraged to incorporate all of these professional elements into projects and discussions in the classroom.

Q.What immediate and future career plans do you have?

A.[After graduation], I will be completing an ICMA (International City/County Management Association) fellowship with the cities of Dubuque, Iowa, and Lancaster, Wis. My experiences working with IPA have developed my confidence in my work product and prepared me for a future career in municipal management.

Q.Why would you recommend IPA to prospective students?

A.IPA offers so many unique benefits to its students. You will get the opportunity to link classroom theory and real-world applications. Professors and staff will take interest in your individual personal and professional goals. You will become part of a community of gifted students who challenge and support each other and achieve great things as an organization. And upon graduation, you will be able to offer employers both your quality education and examples of how you have already succeeded in a professional setting.

Q.What advice would you give to a student who is considering joining the MPA program/IPA?

A.Consider your future aspirations and seek out people who can help you achieve those goals. The School of Urban Affairs & Public Policy (SUAPP) and IPA are filled with faculty and staff who will be willing to help you create unique opportunities that will help you to succeed in any future plans you may have. And if you’re not quite sure what your future plans are, the same staff are more than willing to work with you to explore options that relate to your personal interests. Don’t be afraid to try something that you aren’t sure whether you will like; an MPA degree offers you so many career options!