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undergrad degree: BA, Cornell University, Government
graduate concentration: Finance, Health Policy
RA experience area: Health Policy

Q.What attracted you to the University of Delaware? to IPA?

A.The opportunity to earn a master’s degree and not pay tuition attracted me to Delaware [through IPA].

Q.What has your experience been like as a UD grad student working at IPA?

A.Since my research assistantship and academic interests overlapped quite a bit, the transition from the classroom to project work was seamless. My time with IPA complemented my coursework nicely. I worked on a healthcare-quality survey that required statistical methods I learned in my classes, and my analytical paper drew heavily from reports I had written as a research assistant with IPA.

Q.What opportunities have been available to you as a result of your association with IPA?

A.As a result of my association with IPA, I have been exposed to projects that have deepened my understanding of the unique set of challenges Delaware faces in the next few years. Though I focused on health care policy, I learned from people who work in water resources, urban planning, conflict resolution, and state and local government. Because IPA casts such a wide net, my experience has been much more comprehensive.

Q.What immediate and future career plans do you have?

A.In the immediate future, I hope to accumulate a rich set of analytical skills as I grow into my new position at Towers Perrin [in Boston]. I look forward to working to help its clients manage their investments in employee health care.

Q.Why would you recommend IPA to prospective students?

A.I would recommend IPA to prospective students because of the depth and breadth of the work they do. IPA has something for everyone. Moreover, the work environment is casual and the staff extremely friendly.

Q.What advice would you give to a student who is considering joining the MPA program/IPA?

A.Have an academic or career interest before coming to graduate school, then make the most of the university’s resources to further those interests. Do not limit yourself to the MPA core curriculum; take classes outside of the college if they give you the skills you need. For job seekers, take advantage of the summer internship to prepare for your job search in the second year.