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undergrad degree: BA, Brigham Young University, Economics
graduate concentration: State and Local Management/City Management
RA experience area: Comprehensive Planning

Q.What attracted you to the University of Delaware? to IPA?

A.I was originally attracted to the University of Delaware and IPA because of the opportunity to get valuable work experience while concurrently earning an MPA degree. I realized that I would be more competitive in the job market by gaining two valuable years of work experience in addition to a formal education. Furthermore, the “Delaware Model” allows graduates to leave graduate school without being burdened by heavy student loans that limit what options an individual can pursue upon graduation.

Q.What has your experience been like as a UD grad student working at IPA?

A.As a research assistant working for IPA, I have worked on a wide range of projects including topics such as local-government-management capacity, municipal land-use planning, human-resource management, and growth management. In each area I was never assigned to only take notes and make copies but was [made] an integral part of a team working to complete actual projects for various organizations.

Q.What opportunities have been available to you as a result of your association with IPA?

A.The relationship and reputation of IPA with government organizations throughout the state provide valuable opportunities that enhance a student’s education through hands-on experiences. Part of my experience with IPA was spent working for the Delaware Office of State Planning Coordination. In this placement, I was able to get one-on-one mentoring from state employees while writing a comprehensive land-use plan for the Town of Little Creek. I was also one of the primary researchers on the Delaware Sprawl Prevention Act, which addresses one of the hottest topics currently in Delaware—growth management.

Q.What immediate and future career plans do you have?

A.In the fall I will be attending law school. While working for IPA, I discovered an interest in housing and land-use/real estate issues. I plan on pursing a career in this area, and I know my IPA work experience will be pivotal in obtaining my first job.

Q.Why would you recommend IPA to prospective students?

A.IPA is a place where an individual gets first-hand experience that complements and often surpasses classroom learning. More than once I have dealt with the same issues in and out of class, and my IPA experience has often enlightened my classroom knowledge to give me a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. The “Delaware Model” provides the complete background students need to gain a competitive advantage when entering the job market.

Q.What advice would you give to a student who is considering joining the MPA program/IPA?

A.Anyone considering IPA should spend time on IPA’s website looking at student e-portfolios and [selected IPA] alumni [profiles]. These resources provide an excellent overview of the work and research experiences students have at IPA, while identifying the job opportunities students have upon graduation.