Impacting the Public

photo of couple walking down the streetHealth Policy

The Institute for Public Administration provides a range of health policy and research services to many of Delaware's governmental and healthcare organizations. These services cover issues such as helathy communities/active living, the uninsured, public finance of senior centers, and consumer assessment of health providers and systems.

Courses in health policy and the economics of health care, through the School of Public Policy & Administration, are taught at both the graduate and undergraduate level (e.g., Health Policy, Health Economics, Economics in Public and Nonprofit Sectors, and Economics of Health Policy).

IPA faculty, staff, and students focus on the three key facets of health care—access, cost, and quality. Students experience real-world project work, which includes working directly with clients, writing literature reviews, conducting statistical and program analysis, writing technical reports and research reports, and preparing presentations for conferences and high-level government officials.

For more information, contact Eric Jacobson (302-831-1711).