Impacting the Public

photo montage of IPA education-related eventsEducation Management

Education management at IPA includes the application of public management ideas and principles (such as performance measurement and financial management) to public education, the intersection between public education and other governmental functions (such as planning and land use), and the utilization of proven processes (such as mediation and conflict resolution) to aid in fostering constructive public participation and involvement in decision-making in public education.


Currently, IPA is partnering with the Delaware Academy for School Leadership (DASL) in the presentation of a seminar series for school district superintendents, charter school leaders, and their executive leadership team members.

IPA partners with the Center for Applied Demography and Survey Research (CADSR) in offering a course on school finance.

IPA’s Conflict Resolution Program provides key leadership in the areas of dispute resolution and mediation in education statewide, basic mediation training, and strategic planning processes.

IPA has historically supported the Delaware Academy for School Leadership (DASL) and, though it no longer administers this program, continues as a partner in DASL’s prominent role in statewide education leadership.

Supported by the Delaware Department of Education, IPA staff provides research and analysis, including defining critical needs, on the topic of teacher recruitment and retention in the public schools.

Educating Educators

Civic education is an area in which IPA, through The Democracy Project, is working to effect better citizen engagement through teaching and providing resources for social studies educators as well as partnering with the Department of Elections in creating and implementing exciting opportunities for school children to learn more about the election process. In connection with the Political Science Department, IPA staff teach a required course for education students called “Civics and Economics for Teachers.”

K-12 Education Efforts

Geographic information systems (GIS) is being introduced in K-12 schools by IPA staff as a powerful and versatile tool, capable of communicating a variety of information within a geographic framework.

Through its educational role, IPA’s Water Resources Agency encourages students at UD and in K-12 schools to focus on math, science, and technology and provides mentoring with regard to the education and skills required in environment- and water-related careers.

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