The Three-Step Walkability Assessment Process

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The Walkability Assessment Tool is a three-step process. 

Step One: Preparing for the Workshop and Walk includes the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire that is intended to help clarify a town or city’s goals and objectives in completing the evaluation, familiarize local officials with healthy-communities concepts and issues, and encourage strategic thinking about the benefits of a healthy community.

Step Two: Let’s Get Walking includes the Walkability Checklist that is designed as an “in the field” tool to assist local officials in rating a specific area of the town and help identify areas for improved walkabilty.

Step Three: Path Forward inclues the Post-Assessment Questionnaire that is designed to summarize and analyze the results of Steps 1 and 2 and encourage local officials to prioritize issues and ways to address identified areas for improvement.

Using the three-step process to complete the assessment is recommended to assess the walkability of your town. Completing all steps of the assessment is the best way to complete a thorough evaluation and increase the likelihood that your town will benefit from the process!

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