cover of Walkability Assessment ToolIntroduction to the Walkability Assessment Tool

What is the Walkability Assessment Tool?

The Healthy Communities Walkability Assessment Tool is a document that provides Delaware municipalities a way to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the town’s walkability. Increasing the walkability of a community not only has economic benefits, but walking is also one of the easiest and cheapest ways to stay physically fit. Completion of the assessment can help to identify opportunities to improve the walkability in the specified community.  

Who should use this tool?

The Walkability Assessment Tool is intended for use by local government officials. It is recommended that this process be completed by an authorized representative or group representing the jurisdiction. In larger towns, elected officials or professional staff (such as city planners) may complete the assessment; however smaller municipalities may simply choose a committee member or representative familiar with the community’s health issues.

View/download the entire Walkability Assessment Tool document PDF icon

View the The In-Field Walkability Audit: An Overview of What to Look For video, a component of the Walkability Assessment Tool that is designed for viewing in a facilitated workshop setting.

View the Walkable Communities video, which highlights the needs for walkable communities in Delaware

View the "Exercise by Accident” video segment of WHYY TV's April 6, 2012, weekly show "First."  


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