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The following resources are available for more information about HIAs and for further reading. Many of these resources were used in the writing and planning of this document.

Healthy People 2020 is the set of goals and objectives set forth by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. www.healthypeople.gov/2020

The National Association of Country and City Health Officials (NACCHO) is the national organization that represents local health departments. NACCHO supports efforts by health departments to make healthier environments as well as developing resources and materials for their use. The NACCHO website is a useful place to find examples of what can be done with the results of an HIA, as well as providing a quick guide to the five major steps involved in the HIA process. www.naccho.org

UCLA conducted a training series between June 2006 and April 2007 concerning HIA practices. All training materials and more information concerning the HIA process in general are available at www.ph.ucla.edu/hs/health-impact/training.htm. Training manuals and additional information are available concerning each separate phase of the HIA.

The Minimum Elements and Practice Standards for Health Impact Assessment, a document from the North American HIA Practice Standards Working Group, provides general practice standards for the HIA process as well as standards for each of the five major steps within the process. The suggested standards are not meant to serve as rigid criteria for conducting an HIA, but can help to answer the question of how best to conduct an HIA.
www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/hia/survey/Minimum_Practice_Standards.pdf PDF icon

Human Impact Partners is the only organization in the United States that focuses on building others’ capacity to conduct HIAs. The purpose in doing so is to help create a world in which health impacts can be considered in all decision-making processes. The Human Impact Partners Assessment Tool is available online (Human Impact Partners. A Health Impact Assessment Toolkit: A Handbook to Conducting HIA, 2nd Edition. Oakland, Calf.: Human Impact Partners. April 2010).

The International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) is a forum connecting those who wish to advance the practice of impact assessment. IAIA provides materials for a complete learning workshop including bulletins and a full report of the workshop. www.iaia.org/training/hia-learning-workshop.aspx

The Atlanta Beltline Health Impact Assessment was conducted to examine the potential impacts of turning nearly 22 miles of abandoned freight line into residential and commercial trails, parks, and transits. This document provides one of the most complex HIAs to have been conducted in the U.S.
www.cqgrd.gatech.edu/projects/beltline_hia/pdfs/beltline_hia_final_report.pdf PDF icon

Human Impact Partners has developed an HIA-screening checklist (PDF PDF icon), which includes questions to be considered before making the decision to conduct an HIA.

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