How can Delaware Local Governments Use the Assessment Tool?

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When beginning to work towards a healthier community setting, stating something as a goal or strategy in a comprehensive plan is the critical first step in accomplishing change on a community-wide scale.  This is why the comprehensive plan is the perfect place to integrate healthy-community goals and principles into a city or town’s vision for the future.  In the state of Delaware, comprehensive plans have the force of law, and any public policies adopted or development plans approved by a town in the future must be consistent with the comprehensive plan document.  Thus, the comprehensive plan itself serves as a basis for future regulatory policies and community design standards. 

The Comprehensive Plan Healthy-Community Checklist contains 24 items that can be included in a town or city’s comprehensive plan in order to encourage future development and policies that will result in healthier lifestyle options for its residents.  Local government officials should use this assessment tool to formulate ideas and items to include in their next comprehensive plan, and they should also use these healthy communities concepts to spark conversation among officials and residents about their vision and goals for the future health of their community.

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