Delaware Complete Streets Visualizations

The Delaware Complete Streets visualizations section of this Toolkit is intended to serve several purposes.

clicable graphic map of visualizations locations in Delaware Buck Rd. & Ardleigh Drive SR 273 east of Brownleaf Road Gender Road & Breezewood turn Duck Creek Road & Road 47 West Glenwood Avenue SR 26 just east of Road 361 SR 26 west of Tyler Drive Assawoman Canal Trail System Northern Trailhead Town Road & Atlantic Avenue James St. & Coastal Highway First, they show how the complete streets concept can safely anticipate and accommodate the travel needs of motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users—regardless of age or ability. The complete-street concept recognizes that vibrant public spaces, with multi-modal transportation opportunities, foster community livability.

Second, the visualizations show Delaware local government officials that there is not one design prescription for a complete street. Conceptual street designs should match the context of the surrounding (existing and planned) land uses. When incorporated into a local government’s framework of plans, policies, and design standards, a vision for complete streets can help a community move from an auto-dominated development pattern to one that is more multi-modal, efficient, and sustainable.

Finally, by providing visual/graphic representations, local decision-makers can learn how existing transportation infrastructure can be retrofitted to become a complete street during a future repaving or reconstruction project. Depending on the roadway and land-use context, future improvements may include sidewalks, bike lanes, accessible transit stops, enhanced crosswalks, curb improvements, traffic-control measures, and streetscaping amenities.
Ten locations in Delaware were selected to develop initial visualizations of complete street improvements. Former IPA graduate research assistant Brandon Rabidou utilized SketchUp, a 3D modeling program marketed by Google, to explore complete street design options for Locations 1–4 and 6–10. The conceptual renderings for Location 5 are courtesy of Denise Husband, RLA, of Environmental Design LLC. 

Click on the map location (green circle with location number) of your choice to see before-and-after visualization, or click on one of the location links in the list below. Each location also provides a link to a Google Map showing the location.


> Location 1: James St. & Coastal Highway, Fenwick Island, Sussex County
> Location 2: Town Road & Atlantic Avenue, Ocean View, Sussex County
> Location 3: SR 26 west of Tyler Drive, Ocean View, Sussex County
> Location 4: SR 26 just east of Road 361, Ocean View, Sussex County
> Location 5: Assawoman Canal Trail System Northern Trailhead, Ocean View, Sussex County
> Location 6: Buck Road & Ardleigh Road, Greenville, New Castle County
> Location 7: Gender Road & Breezewood turn, Newark, New Castle County
> Location 8: SR 273 east of Brownleaf Road, Newark, New Castle County
> Location 9: Duck Creek Road & Road 47, Smyrna, New Castle County
> Location 10: West Glenwood Avenue, Smyrna, Kent County

How Can Delaware Local Governments Learn More About Complete Streets?
(5.4MB) PDF icon (see 9.4 Before-and-After Visualizations)
for more information see Complete Streets in Delaware:  A Guide for Local Governments (20.4MB) PDF icon