Local Government Complete Streets Implementation Strategies

photo of a Bethany Beach streetConsistent with the state’s Complete Streets policy, Delaware local governments have the opportunity to offer safe, equitable, and accessible transportation to all users and modes of transportation on roads within their jurisdiction. Delaware local governments can address transportation planning through their comprehensive-planning process and land-use policy development.  Strategies available to local governments to provide an inclusive transportation network include the development and adoption of plans, policies, and design standards. View IPA’s presentation on Complete Street Strategies for Delaware Local Governments (PDF).

IPA has developed a Complete Streets Implementation Checklist (PDF) to assist local governments implement a vision for complete streets through the development and adoption of:

For national examples of jurisdictions that have implemented complete streets strategies through plans, policies, and design standards, please see IPA's Complete Streets National Best Practices Matrix (PDF).

How Can Delaware Local Governments Implement Complete Streets?
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How Are Delaware Local Governments Progressing Toward Complete Streets? (2.0MB) PDF icon
for more information see Complete Streets in Delaware:  A Guide for Local Governments (20.4MB) PDF icon