Bikability - The League of American Bicyclists

photo of Jeff Riegner accepting LAB's Bicycle Friendly Community Bronze Award on behalf of the Newark Bike Council
Jeff Riegner accepts the League of American Bicyclists’ “Bicycle Friendly Community” Bronze Award on behalf of the City of Newark at the Delaware Bike Summit in May 2010.

Delaware is ranked tenth overall by LAB among Bicycle Friendly States. The City of Newark, Del., recently became the first community in Delaware to receive a Bicycle Friendly Community Bronze-level award from LAB. Newark plans to continue to work towards achieving Silver and (hopefully!) Gold awards. See the full story here. PDF icon

In terms of both bikeability and walkability, the City of Newark also boasts one of five trails in the Northeast to have received National Recreation Trail designation in 2010 by the National Park Service—the James F. Hall Trail (video).

graphic of league of american bicyclists logoThe League of American Bicyclists (LAB) works to make America a place where it is easy to bike for both transportation and recreational purposes. Founded in 1880, the League’s advocacy efforts for paved roads eventually lead to the creation of our nation’s highway system. LAB encourages states, communities, and businesses to provide better facilities, infrastructure, support and educational activities for cyclists. The League bestows Bicycle Friendly Community awards to those communities demonstrating accomplishments in the following five areas, also known as “the 5 E’s” of Bikability:

1. Engineering: What is built to promote cycling?
2. Education: What materials exist to help both cyclists and motorists ride more safely?
3. Encouragement: How is cycling promoted in the area?
4. Enforcement: What bicycle related laws does the community have in place?
5. Evaluation and Planning: How does the community evaluate their current programs and plan for the future?

Simply filling out an application for an award is a great way to begin to learn ways your community could become more bikable. To learn more about the League or to fill out an application, visit their website.