photo of kids biking on trailBikeability

Delaware was recently recognized as one of the top bicycle-friendly states in the nation.   In 2009, the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) ranked Delaware 10th in the Bicycle Friendly State Program, based on how well bicycling is accommodated, supported, and promoted within the state.  This increase from a prior ranking of 31 is due to Delaware’s commitment to provide bicycle-friendly infrastructure, adopt legislation that supports bicycling (e.g., Complete Streets legislation), and support programs that encourage bicycling (e.g., Safe Routes to School and 2009 First State Bike Summit).  LAB recently awarded its Bronze designation to Newark, Del., as a bicycle-friendly community.

Fixing, maintaining, and adding infrastructure improves an area’s bikeability.  Adding bike paths is a simple step that can be taken and even incorporated into a roadway improvement project.  Replacing or modifying drainage grates to improve bicycle safety is another opportunity to increase the bikeability of a neighborhood.   Installing bike racks in front of buildings and on public transit further promotes bike use.

While increasing the availability of biking facilities reduces the risk of crashes and injuries, non-infrastructure improvements also benefit communities.  These benefits include reducing and/or slowing motorized traffic, as well as educating pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers on safe practices of shared-road use.  One way to accomplish these goals is to involve local law enforcement, as they are experts on local traffic safety concerns.

The following resources are provided to assist you with ways to incorporate and/or improve bikeability within your community.

For more information on Delaware bicycle associations and clubs that provide advocacy, stewardship, events, and resources for bikeability, visit: