Basic Mediation Course

photo of participants acting out a mediation setting
Upcoming training course dates and registration

CRP offers a four-day basic mediation course to members of the public who desire professional and/or personal skill-building in the areas of conflict resolution and mediation.

This training is designed and delivered by CRP personnel and is offered annually through the University of Delaware.

In four days, you will learn…

  • photo of course participant in the role of a mediator A six-step facilitative mediation process
  • The role and responsibilities of a mediator
  • Conflict-resolution techniques
  • Skills for dealing with difficult dynamics and emotions
  • An understanding of alternative dispute-resolution methods and community mediation models

This workshop features experienced trainers, mediators practicing in a variety of fields, and program directors who participate as coaches and share information about the mediation field and volunteer opportunities.

Participants completing four full days will receive a certificate of completion.

If you have questions about the training or registration, call CRP (302-831-8158) or e-mail Fran Fletcher.