IEP Meeting Facilitation Services

photo of meetingIndividualized Education Program (IEP) meeting facilitation services are available to assist IEP teams when they find themselves at an impasse, experience a breakdown in communication, or are trying to proceed in an acrimonious climate. This service is free-of-charge and is available upon request by either parents or school districts, however both parties must agree to the participation of a facilitator.

The facilitator functions as a neutral third party who has the expertise and skills to enhance the team’s ability to listen to all points of view and work together to develop an appropriate IEP for the student. A facilitator’s responsibility is to the entire team process rather than to an individual. He/she does not offer advice, suggestions, solutions, or legal interpretation.

If you are involved in a disagreement with other team members about a student’s special-education program, consider this dispute resolution option. It is the easiest and least adversarial method of pursuing a resolution in the shortest time frame while utilizing an independent and neutral party. If you (a parent) or your school district is interested in making a request for a facilitator, contact either of the following Conflict Resolution Program staff members:

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